A New Identity

The animal feed ingredients of tomorrow

We are deeply aware of our pivotal position within the animal feed chain, and it is this position that inspires us to look beyond the horizon. We embrace our responsibility not only with pride but also with the enthusiasm of innovators.

Our goal is clear: to advance the animal feed industry with more sustainable, future-oriented solutions. We aim not only to meet the needs of today but also those of tomorrow.

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The Renewed Groan

With our new identity and refreshed logo, we symbolize this evolution - the perfect balance between our heritage and our future aspirations. A fusion of professionalism and accessibility, through which we visualize our core values of responsibility, care, and progress.

A Sustainable Future

Welcome to Groan, where every moment counts, and every contribution brings us one step closer to a more sustainable future. We invite you to journey with us through the brand movie and witness how we deliver the feed ingredients of tomorrow - a commitment rooted in our history and flourishing towards the future.